The song sung by her father, Sruthi sung in her style

Chennai: Sruthi Hassan has sung the song in the upcoming film ‘Thebanandi Seemayi’. It is well known that Shruti is not only in acting but also in many fields like singing and dancing. She is also known to perform many concerts abroad as well.

She has played the role of Kamal Haasan in many films. Due to this curfew, Sruthi has sung the song in her upcoming film, Tenpandi Seemayil. Sruthi sings very nicely with a fluctuation of vocal fluctuations as the keyboard sounds, and the song is spreading so fast on social websites. Kamal Haasan is the man who sang the song in the Mani Ratnam directed movie Man. There can be no one who doesn’t enjoy that song. The song is sung by her daughter in a slightly more raga, her style. He has stated that the song is his favorite song.

All of the actresses are busy doing chores and exercising. The video, released by Sruthi, is widely shared and talked about. Many positive comments are coming. It is said that he looks like he will miss his father.