The World’s longest zipline over water opened in Oman

The world’s longest zip line over water was recently opened in Oman in an effort to draw adventurers from all over the world. A few days ago, the huge construction effort in Musandam Governorate’s Khasab Vilayat had its formal opening. The Oman Tourism Development Group (OMRAN) oversees its management.

Internationally accepted safety measures

The 1800-metre-long zip line starts in Jabal Fit and ends at a landing area constructed near the Athana Khasab hotel. The zipline ride was available to visitors every day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. It’s interesting to note that Khasab features Oman’s tallest zipline. It is set up at a 220-metre height. Here, all safety precautions in accordance with global standards have been set up. One of the safety elements is an advanced braking system. Others include jackets and helmets for the riders.

More enjoyable activities

Visitors can also take part in a few extra entertaining activities at this location. Other adventurous activity possibilities at the site include canoeing, rock-climbing, caving, padel courts (a miniature version of tennis), and rock-climbing.

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