‘Therikad desert’ well-known as red desert of Tamil Nadu is one of the tourist place to explore

Wide stretches of sand with reddish undertones can be seen in Wyoming’s Red Desert, which is extremely well known. The roughly 12,000-year-old desert is renowned for its distinctive flora and wildlife, vegetation, and breathtaking views. For similar landscapes and a vibrant ecosystem, tourists have also been drawn to the Therikad desert in Tamil Nadu.

Therikad is a 12,000-acre coastal location distinguished by its red mud and sand. Therikudiyiruppu or Kuthiramoli Theri are some of the names for the area. It’s interesting how Therikad appears to be an endless sea of red sand. Therikad is proud of its varied and vibrant environment. The trees that were planted there to stop soil erosion have since transformed the area into a lovely orchard. Therefore, Therikad is home to a variety of bird, animal, and reptile species.

The iron oxide in the sand is what gives it its striking red colour. The ancient figures that had stood here started breaking down over time and leaving behind iron oxide particles in the soil as a result of soil erosion and changes in weather patterns. The two major temples in this area are Arunjunai Katha Ayyanar Temple and Karkuvel Ayyanar Temple. Sandboarding is an adventure sport popular among visitors to Therikad that is performed in deserts. Visitors are drawn to Therikad by the unique views of the sun rising and setting.

Therikad’s distance from Poombuhar Beach, which is about 17 kilometres, is another well-liked vacation spot. Therikad is not far from Chidambaram, which has historical significance as well. There are bus services that run between Chennai and Therikudiyiruppu. However, travelling by vehicle would take at least 7 to 8 hours to get there. The closest airport is Thiruchirapally International Airport, which is located about 150 km away. Therikad’s burning summers make the winter, which lasts from November to February, the ideal time to visit.

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