Tips for chopping onions without shedding tears

The majority of people dislike chopping onions because it causes eye burn and makes you cry. However, most dishes, especially the non-vegetarian ones, must have onions and shallots. Only after the onions are well sautéed in oil will the curries taste great.

Here are a couple of tips for preventing tears while chopping shallots or onions:

  1. The onions should be peeled, chopped into half, and soaked in water for at least ten minutes. This stops the gas from being emitted. The onions can then be sliced thinly. The onions should not be soaked for an extended period of time since they may absorb too much water and become mushy.
  2. The onions should be washed and put in containers. For at least five minutes, keep the container refrigerated. Keep the onions in the freezer for five minutes in case you need them right away.
  3. Salt and apple cider vinegar should be combined with water in a bowl. For at least five minutes, soak the onion halves in it. To prevent tearing, you might also apply vinegar to the cutting board.

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