Tips For Maintaining Healthy Nails: Nail Care

India’s winters are without a doubt the best season. But a number of issues with beauty come along with the weather. scratchy scalp skin dryness, hair loss, and a plethora of other issues. However, you won’t typically hear many conversations about dry and damaged nails. All of us are aware of the issues relating to our skin, hair, and nails, and we all take the necessary measures and care for them. Winter makes the nails dry out and brittle, which makes them break and chip. Here are some ideas and tactics you can use to prevent this and keep your nails looking great during the winter.

hydrate the nails: While we are focused on our everyday tasks, our nails lose a lot of moisture. This also occurs more frequently in the winter. Like the skin, nails also become drier as the temperature drops due to the air’s dryness. The nails often become brittle due to this dryness. Regularly moisturise your nails with almond or coconut oil to prevent this.

Put A Base Coat On: Always coat your nails with a base coat, which shields them right away from dirt, grime, pollution, and bad weather. The nails are also made stronger by the base coast.

Use cuticle creams: We frequently remove the cuticles when cleaning and trimming our nails. However, the natural layers of the nails that shield them are the cuticles. Cuticle creams, oils, and lotions can therefore be used to moisturise the cuticles rather than cutting them.

Employ nail masks: Masks created at home have frequently met our needs for skincare or hair care in the beauty industry. If you use a homemade nail polish formula to cover your nails, you can provide them profound nourishment and strengthening. To strengthen and nourish your nails, rub lemon with baking soda or eggs and honey on them.

Avoid Water Whenever Possible: As much as possible, keep water away from your nails. When bathing or cleaning dishes, you can wear gloves. Make sure your nails don’t spend a lot of time in the water since this can cause the nail bud to weaken.

Wear gloves: Thin gloves can be worn in the same way that socks are worn to keep your feet from cracking as you sleep. For healthier nails the following day, moisturise the nails with cream or oils before covering them with gloves.

Do not get manicures or style: When hands are submerged in water for manicures during the winter, nails that are already prone to brittleness and breakage tend to become much more fragile. By giving your nails some breathing room, you can help them heal from the harm that inclement weather has done to them.

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