Tovino’s ‘Neelavelicham’ Trailer is out

‘Neelavelicham’ trailer for Tovino Thomas upcoming horror film has been released. The Aashiq Abu-directed film appears to be an interesting watch based on the trailer. The short story of the same name by renowned author Vaikom Muhammad Basheer served as the inspiration for ‘Neelavelicham.’

As the clip begins, we are introduced to Tovino, a writer who has just rented a property and is informed that the residence is haunted by the ghost of Bhargavi, a role portrayed by Rima Kallingal. He introduces himself as a writer and says to the ghost, “I am a humble writer.”

The clichéd scary movement of chairs, doors, and windows, which refer to the presence of a ghost, is shown here as well, just as in every horror thriller. The setting of the movie is further supported by the ambient sound effects. But at the end, we learn that Bhargavi didn’t commit suicide, keeping the suspense in the horror movie.

The short tale ‘Neelavelicham’ was previously made into the 1964 film Bhargavi Nilayam, with the script being written by the novel’s author, Vaikom Muhammad Basheer. Prem Nazir, Madhu, and Vijaya Nirmala played the major characters. A. Vincent directed the movie.