Train to Busan Part II ‘Peninsula’; Teaser of the year out

Train to Busan is a superhero Korean zombie movie released in 2 016. The film has been released in over 150 countries. The film has attracted more than 11.5 million movie lovers. Now, the second part of the film, Peninsula, is ready for release.

Yong Sung Go, who prepared the first part, is also producing the second part of the film. Peninsula is a South Korean zombie movie. The teaser of the film has been released. The teaser has been released for a total of 1.31 minutes.

The film’s story begins with a group being attacked on a recovery mission. The second part begins where the story ends on Train to Busan. In the second part, Dong Won and Jung Hyun play the lead roles.

However, the director says that the film has nothing to do with the characters in the first part. The film was completed in June last year. The shooting was completed in 62 days.