Unni Mukundan meets PM Narendra Modi, says it was the “best 45 minutes of his life”

Unni Mukundan, a popular Malayalam actor who most recently starred in the blockbuster ‘Malikappuram,’ recently met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He penned a lengthy note in which he referred to the meeting as the “best 45 minutes” of his life and shared pictures from the meeting on the social media site. Unni added that he will always remember PM Modi’s counsel to him and that he hopes to put it into reality as soon as possible.

Unni stated in a tweet that it had always been his goal to meet Prime Minister Modi and converse with him in Gujarati. “This is the most exciting post from this account. I’m still recovering from first seeing you from afar when I was 14 and then finally meeting you! Thank you, sir! I was genuinely moved by your performance of “Kem cho Bhaila” on stage. I had this enormous idea of seeing you and speaking Gujarati to you.”

“It’s done, and what a way it has been. The best 45 minutes of my life were the 45 minutes you gave me. Every piece of advice you gave me will be put into action. I will never forget it,” he further added.

The movie ‘Malikappuram’ turned out to be one of the biggest successes in the Malayalam industry in recent years. Unni portrayed a police officer who returned to duty after a long break. When he runs across two children in Sabarimala, they mistake him for the contemporary Long Ayyappa.

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