Uorfi Javed claims she is allergic to clothing and gets boils from woollens

Uorfi Javed jokes that she is allergic to clothing after developing boils while wearing woolens. She even polled her Instagram followers to see if they had the same problem in the winter.

Taking to Instagram Stories, the actor and social media personality also demonstrated how she developed boils on her body after wearing woollen clothing. She first shared a close-up of her thighs with boils and asked in an Instagram Stories poll, “Anyone else get these allergies in the winter?” “See, this is what happens when I wear woollen clothes, like full clothes,” she said after posting a video of the boils. Guys, this is a major f***ing problem!”

She also posted another video of herself discussing her allergy. “Now you know why I don’t wear clothes. Guys, I have this serious condition, and my body is starting to react! The proof is right there. Because of this, mai itna nangi rehti hoon (I am often naked). “My skin is allergic to clothing.”

In another video, she showed the boils on her legs and said, “The allergy is so bad, literally so bad!” I only wear woollen clothing, and this happened; I am allergic to clothing.”

Uorfi is well-known for her outlandish outfits. She sometimes collects random materials, such as garbage bags or newspaper, and fashions outfits out of them. Chitra Kishore Wagh, president of the Maharashtra Mahila Morcha, recently filed a police complaint against her, claiming that her dress sense was vulgar and a threat to society.