Urvashi and Balu Varghese starring “Charles Enterprises” trailer released

The trailer for the upcoming film ‘Charles Enterprises’ looks good, raising audience hopes for the iconic actress Urvashi to star with a little suspense and a lot of fun. On May 19 of this year, the film is scheduled to premiere in theatres.

Despite being marketed as comedy entertainment, ‘Charles Enterprises’ has interesting visual and aural components that are indicative of a dark thriller.

The first scene of the trailer features a wide shot of an abandoned red car and a suspenseful narration delivered over a walkie-talkie. A culprit was apprehended after a pickpocketing incident on the ‘Kundhimol’ bus near the south bridge was reported two days prior, according to the voiceover. This unanticipated fusion of tense visuals and obscure story threads makes for a gripping opening to the movie.

Balu Varghese, who has had average performances in previous films, is expected to have a stronger performance in this movie. The actor will be portrayed as a doubtful individual who asserts that he has a unique eye condition. Urvashi’s character also seems to have some underlying misery, despite the humour that she uses to express herself.

Subhash Lalitha Subrahmanian wrote and directed the film ‘Charles Enterprises,’ which also includes key roles for the actors Shebin Benson, Guru Somasundaram, Geethi Sangeetha, Kalaiyarasan, and Harish Pengan.

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