Use these foods as a pre-fasting meal for Karwa Chauth in 2022

As Karwa Chauth approaches, married women in North India are busy making preparations for their planned fast for tomorrow, from sunrise to moonrise. Before the celebration, they have a lot to do, from applying gorgeous mehndi designs to completing the traditional attire and accessories for the day. One of the most important rituals of the day is making a sargi ki thaali. This traditional thali, which includes 7, 9, or 11 different types of bite-sized food dishes, is carefully given to daughters-in-law by their mothers-in-law. These foods make sure a person gets her daily recommended intake of nutrients to prevent headaches and other health issues when fasting and keep them hydrated. Karwa Chauth fasting can be very difficult, so it’s important to give Sargi the right nutrients the day before as well as on the day of the fast. Preparation is essential to avoid health issues during the Karwa Chauth fast. Even while it’s necessary to include nutrients in your Karva Chauth sargi, you also need to be aware of the meals you feed your stomach the night before. You should have a meal that is easy on your stomach the day before to avoid feeling dizzy while you’re fasting. The night before Karwa Chauth, avoid eating a lot because it could make you feel uncomfortable or bloated all day.

Low-fat curd pairs well with the pulao dish made of quinoa and vegetables. Dal (traditional yellow moong dal) goes well with vegetable stew and jowar or oat roti. Choices include oats chilla with vegetables and mint-coriander chutney. Another healthy option is low-fat curd and flatbread packed with paneer. Another choice is to make smoothies with curd, fruit, chia seeds, pumpkin, and watermelon seeds. Citrus fruit juices with a high-water content, like those from pomegranates, oranges, and pineapple, can help compensate for dehydration. The best detox water for the day is coconut water with chia or sabja seeds since it not only keeps you hydrated but also maintains the balance of your electrolytes. lemon water, which naturally has more electrolytes. Lassi, which facilitates simple digestion by relaxing the intestines and containing beneficial bacteria, A fruit shake that is perfectly balanced in terms of nutrients.


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