Varaha Roopam, will return to OTT after the Court rejects the Thaikudam Bridge plea

After rejecting the claim of a Kerala-based rock band, Thaikkudam Bridge, that the Kantara team had stolen the classic music from its song Navarasam, the Kerala court has removed the prohibition on the makers of the Kannada blockbuster Kantara from using Varaha Roopam in the Rishabh Shetty movie.

On November 24, Kantara, a film by Rishab Shetty, was released on Amazon Prime Video. Fans were excited to see the movie online, but they were upset to know that the song Varaha Roopam had to be changed due to a legal issue. The famous Varaha Roopam song was underutilized in the OTT version because Thaikudam Bridge had filed a lawsuit against the producers for allegedly stealing its tune. The band’s appeal was rejected by the Kozhikode District Court in Kerala due to a lack of jurisdiction. The interim ban on the Varaha Roopam song has been revoked. It remains to be seen whether the Varaha Roopam song will be included in the OTT version of the film.

Earlier, Thaikkudam Bridge posted on Facebook in response to the song’s removal, saying, “The stolen version of our song NAVARASM from the movie KANTARA has been removed by Amazon Prime. Justice Wins Out. We appreciate the unwavering support of our mentor Mathrubhumi and attorney Satish Murthi. We are grateful for the support of the music community, the public, and the media in the support to fight for their rights.” On October 14, Kantara was released in Hindi. Over the course of several weeks, the Hindi translation fiercely competed with several Bollywood releases. With more than Rs 400 crore in revenue, the movie has broken numerous box office records.


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