‘Varisu’- A Complete Family Entertainer

Vijay’s latest movie, ‘Varisu’, directed by Vamshi Paidipally, hit theatres today as a Pongal release, and it has all the elements needed for a festival movie, be it songs, dance, or action.

The movie revolves around the prodigal son of a business tycoon and his life after the unexpected death of his father.

It is not a mass-market movie, as many fans expected. But it does have some mass sequences. It is a complete feel-good family entertainer.

But it is getting mixed reviews, even from Vijay fans. The movie has a duration of 2 hours and 50 minutes. There is nothing more to the movie than what is shown in the trailer. Vijay refuses to go beyond his comfort zone with this movie too.

The plot is typical and cliche, but it didn’t bore the audience to death. Even though it was predictable, the movie sets a jolly mood for Vijay fans to enjoy his swag.

The overly sentimental movie kind of gives off mega-serial vibes. It shows an extremely rich family, and visuals like expensive cars and helicopters are shown in multiple scenes. VFX didn’t come up to the mark. The use of green screen and sets were easily recognisable. The background score can be heard throughout the movie. All action sequences are shot in a similar pattern.

Yogi Babu-Vijay combinations spread laughter in theaters. Prakash Babu did an okay job portraying the villain of the movie. Sarath Kumar’s performance in the father role gained praise from the audience. Sangeetha and Jayasudha were the only female characters who had a strong role. Rashmika Mandanna’s role didn’t have that much importance other than dancing and a small love track.

The movie shows different types of themes, like parental love, jealous rivals, fighting brothers, and romance. Overall, the movie is an above-average, one time watchable, leisure movie.

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