VFX breakdown reel for the film ‘Pathaan’ has been released by YRF

Yash Raj Films released a VFX breakdown reel for the film ‘Pathaan,’ starring Shah Rukh Khan. The visual effects for the film were provided by YRF’s in-house VFX department, YFX. Fans would also be interested in viewing the various unseen effects that went into making the spy-thriller’s main action moments, which are shown in the video.

The three and a half minute video, for instance, shows that the scene when Dimple Kapadia’s character steps off of a private plane was totally shot in a studio. Dimple was forced to go down a ramp with a green screen in the background; there was no plane in the scene. But it should come as no surprise that the movie’s major scene pieces all needed extensive VFX work.

The film’s climactic action scene, in which Shah Rukh’s ‘Pathaan’ and John Abraham’s evil Jim fly about on jet packs, as well as the pursuit sequence in Dubai and the train scene when Salman Khan’s Tiger makes his dramatic entrance, are all broken down in the video. The movie also demonstrates how the frozen lake scenario was created by director Siddharth Anand and his crew using actual site photography and visual effects. In the jet pack scene, the production crew also employed digital makeup to simulate the symptoms of a hazardous chemical on Dimple and SRK in several pictures. We also see a look at every CGI vehicle built for the Dubai Pursuit.

Fans were blown away by YFX’s work on ‘Pathaan.’ “Great job… In terms of VFX, Indian movies is truly developing,” a fan observed. Another fan remarked, “I honestly believed the Dubai scene was genuine, although I believe most of it was green screen, and I believed the lake scene was CG, but it was real.” In a nutshell, they wrote this about the third scenario. “The underwater scene being VFX surprised me! Well done! That’s amazing,” the admirer remarked.

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