We will finish this fight together; Mohanlal offers relief to NRIs

Thiruvananthapuram: Actor Mohanlal is relieved of the expatriate Keralites who were on lockdown due to Covid 19. This time too will pass. Your concern is understandable. What Covid 19 is defending is that the government is taking the action it is proposing.

Mohanlal said even though we are far away from the body, we will finish the fight together. We are fighting an enemy we cannot even see. Mohanlal also says that you should stay safe and follow the restrictions imposed by the rulers of the countries where you live.

The negative thoughts that come to mind should be removed. We are all with the exiles. Everyone is fighting this pestilence. You may be concerned about families and jobs in the country. You need to remove the negative aspects of your own safety.

The feeling of nobody with you must first be replaced. Everyone is with you. We will recover whatever is gone. Let the seeds of good thoughts sprout. In a video message, he said: “Together, we will survive this time and sing the victory song.”

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