What’s up with Lachu and Rowe? Do you breakup Fans with doubts!

Those who have seen the Salt and Chilli series may not have forgotten Juhi Rustagi. Juhi played the character Lachu. I got the chance to meet Lachu when I went to a friend’s birthday party. Happily, Juhi was taking on the role. Salt and chilli were the strongest support. Lachu’s wedding was followed by the arrival of the thousandth episode. The actress had disappeared from the series following her marriage. The decision is to focus on the study. His father’s family members are not interested in acting. Juhi had also said that she did not like the marriage. Meanwhile, the actor also claimed that he and Dr. Rowe were dating. The duo came together for the Salt and Chilli director’s movie puja. Fans are in talks about the contradiction in the posts of both of them active on social media and the lack of love reaction.
Rovin is in love There have been reports of rumors that she was in love with Rowan. Recently, the duo confirmed this. The duo came together for the Salt and Chilli directorial film. Juhi Row was introduced to the cast and crew of the series. Juhi also shared a video of Thirunelli’s journey with Rowe on his YouTube channel, Perfect Strangers.

After one year of marriage They both said that after a year of marriage, there were few things that had to be settled. Rovin had initially said that there were some objections, but later his family had supported his decision.

In public and on the channel program Not only on the public stage but also on the channel show, the duo were together. Nothing more was revealed about love when it came to Nothing Nothing Three. The duo also claimed that they had come out with their wedding letters and had been spreading lies through social media.
The lines disappear Earlier, many of the posts were given with Love and Love Reaction. They were both following. Both have disappeared from the followers list. Fans have speculated that the duo may be back with more power after a short hiatus.

Waiting for his return The audience waits for Juhi’s specialties even though there is no salt or chilli. Questions about whether to come to the event occasionally were also active. Meanwhile, when he took to YouTube channel, the fans were very supportive.