Whether to use Sunscreen Indoors or not?

Sunscreen is an essential component of any skincare regimen, but there is always a doubt about whether it should be applied indoors as well. This subject has become more pertinent as people spend more time indoors and work from home. While we all know the significance of wearing sunscreen and reapplying it as needed while going outside, it’s unclear if the same principles apply when working from home. Additionally, getting the best sunscreen for indoor use is critical.

If your risk of sun exposure is zero, you don’t really need to wear sunscreen. However, even if you are indoors, you should probably use sunscreen if you will be spending time near a window or if there is direct sunlight exposure. Being indoors and not being exposed to the sun’s rays is nearly impossible in a realistic circumstance (unless you work in a dark room or a room with no windows). So, basically, don’t skimp on sunscreen.

One common argument is that when you are indoors, certain types of windows (such as those made of laminated glass) might block UVA and UVB radiation. These may help protect you from UV rays, eliminating the need to wear sunscreen. However, laminations may peel off from time to time, or the glass may not be genuinely UV-protective. And, as we all know, UVA rays produce transient tanning, ageing, and maybe skin cancer, whereas UVB rays cause long-term tans, sunburns, and skin cancer.

Also, throughout the summer, UV intensity is at an all-time high, which means that the UV index might be above 3 all day. This, along with the heat and the likelihood of you stepping outside, even for a small period of time, may be reason enough to use sunscreen in the morning and perhaps reapply if you are outside for more than 20 minutes.

By applying sunscreen indoors, you will not only prevent premature ageing and skin cancer, but you will also help your existing skincare show its full prowess and efficacy. Finally, if you want to avoid wearing sunscreen while indoors, please do so. But if you insist, shut the curtains and try to avoid the Sun and its rays as much as possible.