Wild tusker Arikomban’s life story is going to made into a film in same name

Arikomban, a wild tusker, will have his life story made into a film. Sajid Yahiya, renowned for films such as “IDI: Inspector Dawood Ibrahim’ and ‘Mohanlal,’ will direct the film, which will be produced by N. M. Badusha’s Badusha Cinemas and Pen and Paper Creations.

The film will depict the life of the wild tusker, who was relocated to the Periyar Wildlife Reserve after residents of Chinnakanal and Santhanpara in Idukki raised complaints. The elephant, known for his fondness for rice, would ‘break into’ ration stores to grab rice while causing damage to humans.

Despite being dropped off by the Kerala Forest Department in the Periyar Reserve at midnight on April 30, he has walked at least 40 km beyond the reserve and has now arrived in Meghamalai in Tamil Nadu’s Theni district.

Residents in the region are terrified because of his presence. According to sources, the Tamil Nadu Forest Department has sent a 120-member force to monitor the region in order to prevent an unforeseen attack by a wild elephant.

Suhail M. Koya will write the script for the film titled “Arikomban.” The filmmakers feel Arikomban’s life story deserves to be made into a film, especially given the amount of attention it received throughout Kerala.

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